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Not Just a Passing Flicker

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So thankful tonight that God remembers me by name. By detail. That he couldn’t forget me if He tried. He has not passed me over for something better. He hasn’t dismissed my first-world, superficial hurts. He hasn’t brushed past my seasons of deep loneliness. In fact, He leans in to listen during those empty moments when it feels like no one can hear me.

I don’t want cliché sayings that bounce off the hard walls of our hearts because we’ve heard them a hundred times. Jesus isn’t just a name. He is calm for the afflicted soul. Rest for the frantic. Peace for the devastated. Hope for those with shattered dreams. I am LIVING these words tonight. FEELING them in the deepest part of me. He has restored my life in the realest ways possible, given me beautiful treasures for my ashes, and turned thousands of shed tears into experiences worth more that this world’s most brilliant gems. I mean every word of that. Life hurts. But my desperation for an often impossible healing brings me to One who knows how to fix the aches and pains of my hemorrhaging soul. His love in my life cannot be replaced, and will not be outdone.

If you have breath in your lungs, my friend, you’re Jesus’ type. You may have forgotten Him, but believe me, He has NOT forgotten you.


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