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Failing Forward

I was journaling this morning, and felt compelled to write out some of the “small” victories I’ve had in areas where I’ve struggled lately. What I noticed, as I wrote, was a common theme. My victories, as a whole, were first preceded by failure. Across the board, I had first lived in a state of defeat before I began to see light breaking through in my circumstances. 
That being said…
Every great victor was FIRST at war with something. They saw defeat as a great threat, strapped on their armor, picked up their weapons, and began to fight. 
Some advice I needed this morning before picking up my pen:
Wherever you are, whatever it is that you are struggling with; if there is a place in your life you feel you are making a habit out of failure… realize it is not God’s purpose or design for you to stay there. Don’t allow your failures to define you. That job is much better served if it belongs to Jesus.

As I take a step back, humbly take into account the MANY areas where I need to grow and improve & continue to surrender to Jesus… I’m realizing there is such a thing as failing forward. Realize my sin, repent of it, be encouraged that-through the blood of Jesus-living there is not my destiny. Praise Jesus, it’s not yours either 💛 

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