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The Best is Yet to Come (Part 2)


Aww! You came back. *looks at you with cheesy fondness* Seriously, y’all, with every post I write, I try and imagine with all my might that it’s just me and you sitting next to each other at a classy little coffee shop. I know that may sound a bit cliche’, but honestly, that’s what I do. The only thing that would make it better is if we were swapping stories of our traveling adventures. I do get a bit worn out with hearing my own voice, but I share so that you can have the opportunity to step into my life, maybe learn from some of my mistakes, and hopefully grow with me through the victories.


ALBNMTo kick off part two of this little “adventure series”, is my favorite random shot of my Colorado-New Mexico-Arizona jaunt. I drove fourteen-ish hours that day, and couldn’t have had lovelier weather. This picture was taken right near Albuquerque, with no filter or any editing. It’s so rare for me to can actually capture the breathtaking beauty of a sky like that. It was about this moment in the trip that I started to feel pretty dern savvy, traveling all alone and anonymous to every passerby. In fact, it was around this time that I cranked up my highway tunes! (It is also worth noting that I am not much of a candy person, but my food of choice on the road are wild cherry lollipops. Pretty sure I’ve had around 7 of those things since leaving the boondocks.)



Ahhh this one makes me so happy! After arriving in AZ, where nearly all of my dad’s side of the family resides, I had this tall glass of H2O take me out for some world famous Little Sombrero! This is my cousin Tyler (aka Ty-Ty) and all of our visits are very few and far between. *quietly weeps* We (as well as his little bro, Trevor) have this unique godmother/big sister/adopted child/you-feel-like-my-nephew type of relationship thing going. It just brings this chick all sorts of joy, and fills that special place in my heart with all sorts of warm fuzzies. Can’t wait to see them again on my way back through!



Okay, there are several very important facts you need to know about this pic. First- the house on the far left is where I suffered through life for around 9 days while in Palm Springs. Second – I “tried” to make it a point to get out and swim laps every day, but the thought of burning additional calories must have been too much for me, because this pic was shot at the end of my stay and was my first time out there. Oops. Third – When I took this pic, I was super proud of myself concerning reasons just briefly mentioned, so I needed to capture this victorious moment as evidence. With all sorts of vigor, I launch myself into the pool and hustle through my first *mmmmm* three laps. It is worth noting that every. single. day. from sunrise to sunset the weather has been CRYSTAL CLEAR outside. I was in the pool for around seven minutes, maybe? when this massive sand storm began to sweep across the desert, literally blocking the sun, and leaving sand absolutely EVERYWHERE. I was all “Oh NO you didn’t. I’m in this pool and I’m not leaving ’til I finish my laps!” I mean seriously, folks, I don’t wash my hair all that often, so this wet hair could NOT be wasted on three piddly little laps!! So I’m going all hardcore through my laps “four…six, seven…” and it was about that time when the air became so thick with sand that I couldn’t blink, and I’m all “Where’s my towel? Ugh, where’s my towel!?” while grappling along the side of the pool with my eyes closed.

I walk into the house in all my sopping wet glory, sand sticking to my skin. I mean, honestly… I’m a hot mess. And can I just add that this house is one of the most fabulous houses I’ve ever stayed in? Like marble floors and stuff. Imagine how you think celebrities in Southern California live. Boom. That’s what this house looks like. So rewind… sopping wet glory, sand sticking to skin, eyes all red and itchy, leaving little puddles all throughout the house. K, so I walk into the master suite where Rosemarie’s putting on her makeup and I just stand there and stare at her. She catches a glimpse of me in the mirror, immediately starts laughing and says, “What’s the problem, honey?!” I’m, of course, giving her the death stare by now and say, “LOOK OUTSIDE. Seven laps, Rosemarie. SEVEN.” She’s goes to look out the window and states, “Wow. It looks like the sun went down. Weird! I just want you to know that this never, ever happens.” And I just stare at her because I’m thinking, “Awesome. That makes me feel so much better.”

We actually laughed so hard about this, I’ve started to think it’s one of my favorite memories of the entire Palm Springs debacle. Here’s the moral of the story: sometimes you just need… to wash your hair.



This has nothing to do with my trip, and everything to do with my need to post a picture of my dad in a chicken suit. Again. You’re welcome.



Before Rosemarie’s dad ended up in the hospital, he and his wife, Joyce, bought us tickets for a celebrity bus tour. Now typically, I don’t give a rip about this kind of stuff, but these celebrities are basically the entire generation of actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. So we’re talking Cary Grant, Peter Lawford, Vivian Leigh, Loretta Young, Elvis Presley, Katherine Hepburn, Red Skelton, Marilyn Monroe (that’s her house pictured above), Clarke Gable, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, Nat King Cole… oh my goodness, I have to stop. Basically, if you were anybody in showbiz back in the day, you had a house in Palm Springs.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had on this bus. We were cracking up over these incredible stories from our tour guide, and this ridiculous sense of nostalgia just washed over me. (Warning: Bunny trail) Little known fact about yours truly. I rarely listen to more than two kinds of music. Okay, three. Christian music, instrumental for when I’m studying, and then there’s old school. Like… the legit old school. We’re talking Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Bing Crosby and Doris Day. Dean Martin and Bobby Darin. And then, ladies and gents, there’s Frankie. Sinatra had several houses in Palm Springs, and was quite active in creating the reputation that drew so many celebrities to that particular city.

So picture this: It’s later in the evening several days after our tour. I’m slowly cruising down Bob Hope Drive with the windows rolled down, cool breeze blowing in, just as the sun was setting. The palm trees were swaying in the breeze, all lit up along the street… And what do you think started playing out of my speakers, but good ‘ole Blue Eyes crooning “The best is yet to come, and babe, won’t it be fine?” And that was about the moment that I died and went to heaven.



I’ve had so much fun typing these stories out, I think I’ll keep it up throughout the rest of the trip. I’ll post another “episode” next week on my travels, but check back in over the next few days. Hopefully, after today, I’ll push past all the crazy that comes with visiting San Fran, and have some serious time to write!

P.S. I had this genius idea. Remember the whole “swapping stories” comment I made at the beginning? Yeah, well… I think that you should share your favorite travel memory with me, IF you’re willing 🙂 Comment below if you’re up for it… would love some laughs, or some “Whoa, that was a close call!” So come on… I know you have some! Don’t try to act like you don’t 😉


Tiffany Anne xo

  • Glenda Secrest - August 19, 2015 - 12:59 am

    I have to comment……these are delightful pics, Tiff! Maybe when you write your book you should illustrate it with your photos, too! Well done, my girl!ReplyCancel

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