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Hey you 🙂 I’m Tiffany. So glad you’re here! Okay, you know how sometimes there are those moments in life where you step back and say “Life is really hard… and I feel like this “hard stuff” could be shaping me for something greater, but I can’t even begin to see the silver lining.” Okay. So maybe it’s not in those EXACT words. But I think we’ve all kinda been there. I know I have. My heart has been in the clouds, and MAN, it has also hit rock bottom.

Sweeter the Kiss is about your “something greater.” See… I’ve had seasons where my life has been an absolute mess. And when I say “mess” I mean a tangled up ball of brokenness, people. Shattered dreams, dashed hopes, unrequited love, and more debilitating then anything–a life void of purpose. And it left me asking this question, “What in the world can God do with a woman who hasn’t a thing left to her name but the charred remains of a life once lived?

Maybe it hasn’t been this extreme for you. But, beloved, maybe it has. Sweeter the Kiss is about how God can take hurting, broken people and transform their “nothing” into something so beautiful, it makes that gem you were holding before look absolutely DULL. Because here’s the thing, folks. Jesus is brighter, greater, lovelier, and more breathtaking than everybody’s everythings.

Sweeter the Kiss is about waiting. We spend a lot of time waiting for things, don’t we? Graduation, our first job, meeting “the one”. We wait for marriage, kids, retirement… the list goes on. But our version of waiting is often filled with anxiety. Impatience. Jealousy. Discontentment. But we’re kind of used to that, right? That’s why we feel super bad for single people! Haha… it’s true! But… there’s another version. The kind that leaves a King WAITING with baited breath for His Father to bid him “It’s time. Go get your bride.” Meanwhile, He aches for her, he longs for her, He prepares for her… and yet there is no impatience present. In it’s place… Joy. Contentment. Wholeness. In it’s place is a heart soft to the will and desires of His Father’s.

That is the kind of heart I want to have. With each desire we can surrender, with every lonely moment laid at the foot of the cross, a sweetness rises to the windows of Heaven, and honors the heart of THE Almighty King Jesus. That’s why, my dear friends…

The Longer the Wait, the Sweeter the Kiss.

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